Tomorrow is 1 ramadhan. So i want to say happy ramadhan n happy fasting to all muslim people in the world and of course me also will start fasting tomorrow.. :)

RIP Ishii-san

I just listen to his song yesterday and now today I found he's already dead like Amy Winehouse....

Cheng Ho Food Fetival

Next I will talk about Cheng Ho Food Festival. Together with the photos also. Stay tuned :)

Lightroom tutorial-Malay version

Alright this is lightroom tutorial. Alright it's in Malay since there's a lot of request huhuhu.

When dusk knock earth door has been selected for publication

This is crazy and I'm shiver when I read this mail. 0___0 very unexpected

Dear Nurul Ain,

The editorial team of Boulevard of Photographers regularly examines photographs submitted by professional and amateur photographers from all over the world.

We publish in an Anthology the photographs that we particularly like.

We are pleased to notify you that your photograph When dusk knock earth door has been selected for publication. To see how Editor John Warton reviews photography, please log There you will see hundreds of reviews and will be able to get his direct, personal feedback on your photo.

Kindly reply to this email if you give us your permission to publish or if we shall withdraw your photograph.

We would like to congratulate you for being selected for publication as part of our highly acclaimed Photography Anthology. You now also have access to several networking opportunities aimed at exposing you to the photography community.

To recognize and reward selected photographers, we have established $6500 in prizes to be awarded at the sole discretion of our editorial team, based on merit. Should you be selected for prizes, we will notify you immediately.

Your photograph, When dusk knock earth door, was selected ...

.. and will be published (with your permission) in our acclaimed "Best Of 2011 Photography", Deluxe, 8.5" X 11", Hard bound, 300 pages Special Edition anthology.

Panoramic photos

Panoramic photos 2nd experiment. Just changed colour sky. I think both colours were good. I never thought that photos that i snapped could be made as panoramic even I didn't plan to shoot it as panoramic :)

Vintage Kebaya

I always said to myself,as a photographer no matter if u're amateur or not, you must enjoy to shoot, if not ur images were failure. And yes during this photoshoot, I know I failed here, because I didn't enjoy it at all.
I don't know if people love it...

People said if you have camera, you could snap any moment you want. That's true; indeed. But, if we don't have camera, how? Could we snap it with our brain? Man, we need camera or else, you'll become like me; always borrowed from my faculty or friends. I always asked myself; "Till when you're gonna borrow the camera?"

If you want me to answer, the I'll answer: "When I have enough money..."

Until when I'll have my own camera...? Somebody, answer me.....

Blooming lotus

Re-edit lotus photo back. I think I love it because it told about the softness of flower; the deep inside of people's heart which what I mean, people's kindness.

Business Card Design

Business card designs. All of them are same person who ordered it; but use in different business and different companies.

Flyer design

Flyer design, for Dr Health's product. It's therapy machine that could cure some disease. Golden Wellness is my client this time.

Voucher design

Voucher design for Vakoou and Miracle Flask's products. Client: Smartway Network.

Giving some food

These were shoot during photo hunt at Klang. Found the scene, and I was in love with what I saw. Like I always said, it did had a story about what I see.

Different toning, I'm quite like the colours here. Not bad.

Monochrome style.

Smoking boys - Are they really useless people?

Smoking boys; when people looked at them, they'll say who's their parents? Why they let their sons smoking, lepak, blax10000 and so on. That's what people thought and they'll say "you're useless boys, will never have a bright future. But when I saw them didn't want to buy something from an old lady who happened to sell something at street, they said to that lady in a good way, I was a bit starlet and surprised and I wonder if people who looked down at them would change their mind or not?

Dusk again

Dusk at Sect. 7 Lake, Shah Alam. Camera use: Canon EOS550D, Honestly I don't really know how to use Canon, but still the image was almost perfect for me :)

Yasmin Ahmad

YasminAhmad, a very talented woman.... How can I be like her or to surpass her?

FreeLance PhotoGraphic Designer

My name is Ain Aznan and I am a freelance photo graphic designer based in Malaysia.

I have been dedicating my time to helping companies and individuals redesign and improve their corporate and portfolio design; making them simpler, clearer, more efficient and professional.

Please browse through my projects here to get a feel of my style and approach in web design.

If I am the right designer for you, please leave comment at my blog comment and I'll reply you about your needs. I enjoy meeting new clients and would love to **collaborate with you.

Good day.