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BoBoiBoy vs Fang artwork

Finished draw this, huih it took me 4 days to complete it. I tried to apply David Despau and Ibuki Satsuki style. Still need to improve here. BoBoiBoy is Malaysian 3D animation and it was created by AniMonsta. 

Synopsis and Profile:
BoBoiBoy is the new kid in town who lives with his grandfather, Tok Aba, who sells chocolate products in a mobile stall. He is very close to his grandfather and helps out in the stall after school except when he wants to play soccer where he usually makes tons of excuses. He is also a mischievous kid who likes to play pranks on people especially to his best friends Gopal, Yaya and Ying making him funny and annoying at the same time. As a superhero he has the power to control 3 elements- earth, wind and lightning. Ultimately he can split into three, forming 3 specialized elemental clones within a limited time. The last split-out version of BoBoiBoy that evolved. He forced himself to evolve when BoBoiBoy Lightning, BoBoiBoy Cycloneand all of his friends were defeated by Mukalakus. In this form, he is now able to project a new type of rock (Rocks from Lava) to project stronger earthquakes and a Giga. His color schemes are now black, red and gold. His clothes have glowing gold-colored patterns which resemble rocks. His eyes are also gold-colored.

Fang is a new character in the series. He is shown in some episodes that he is a hot-tempered guy, a show-off and jealous when his friends made fun of him. He never like BoBoiBoy because he's more cute, smart, and powerful than him. With his power, Shadow Manipulation, and together with BoBoiBoy and his friends, they will face a new enemy named Ejo Jo (Atata Tiga's General Commander). Fang is the deuteragonist in BoBoiBoy. Fang was BoBoiBoy's rival and unlike BoBoiBoy, he always do fight just to become popular.

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