The soldier

Come back alive to make more illustration. This is the work of 50% usage of mouse n 50% usage of tablet. yay! at last I got tablet. At first using it, I felt like i want 2 throw it in the river at the back of my hometown. But this is the result and i managed to make it :)

Ustaz Azhar Idrus

Who is him? Why I draw him? What's so special about him? I always said before, never judge book by it's cover. He's the phenomenal of young people nowadays who wants to find all answer about Islam, life and themselvers. For those who wants to know about him, you could read sbout him here:

FreeLance PhotoGraphic Designer

My name is Ain Aznan and I am a freelance photo graphic designer based in Malaysia.

I have been dedicating my time to helping companies and individuals redesign and improve their corporate and portfolio design; making them simpler, clearer, more efficient and professional.

Please browse through my projects here to get a feel of my style and approach in web design.

If I am the right designer for you, please leave comment at my blog comment and I'll reply you about your needs. I enjoy meeting new clients and would love to **collaborate with you.

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