When your friend said it to you...


Just back from UM (Universiti Malaya) from doing survey about environmental graphic that my lecturer asked us to do. Basically, UM's environmental graphic was ......yes it's sucks..... o(-__-")o After we're done with our task, eating, we're about to go home (me and my friend, Su).

At the bus, my friend said to me "I think you'll be a successful person one day..."

Honestly, I don't know about it, I don't know about my future because I'm still searching. what I know is to move forward so that I could become a successful person, but with Allah's permission....

Ko saper??!


Soalan 1:
Pernah tak dulu korang ni bukan sesaper and one day korang dah berjaya, tetibe ader malaun maner tah datang kat korang dengan muka tersengih?

Soalan 2:
Pernah dlu korang dlu kna caci dan dihina dgn menatang manusia, and once bila korang dah berjaya, dia menyorok di sebalik semak, jahit mulut dan terdiam?

Soalan 3:
Pernah tak dlu manusia yang macam bukan orang ni sebenarnya musuh kau kemudian tetiber je dia nak berbaik dengan ko?

Soalan 4: Pernah tak korang tanya diaorang macam ni..."KO SAPER???!!"


at Sec.2 Shah alam



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