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It's a long2 story on October, I forget to post it and this just want 2 share with you. They choose my image and I was like wow (my lecturer showed it to me through his blackberry huhuhu

Panning effect

Actually it's not panning, I just edited it and adding panning effect. These were shoot at Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan, MALAYSIA. It's not I paid them to run. These were taken without they noticed it. Feel a bit pity for not shoot panning since it was a sudden action. Next time will shoot it again.

Girl Running - Canon 600D, F/11, iso-400, focus length 62mm, exposure 1/400
Happy running - Canon 600D, F/11, iso-400, focus length 62mm, exposure 1/400
Fall - Canon 600D, F/11, iso-400, focus length 62mm, exposure 1/400

See what? - Canon 600D, F/11, iso-400, focus length 62mm, exposure 1/400


We don't know when we'll die.....

When I heard about my friend, Rasfan Abu Kassim, I was damn shock because this is a sudden. I just met arwah at 1st gathering Shark Digital group and also during we entered Canon Photo Marathon together. Arwah was funny, loves to tease, and kind. From how he talked to me, I knew this guy is very ambitious man and he's full of passion on what he do. When I heard he just married and just got one kid, I was pity fo his wife and also his kid because this little baby couldn't know about his father directly...

When I'm thinking about arwah, soon I realize, we maybe know about the time we were born in this world but we don't know about the time we'll die in this world and meet Allah SWT. That time I know that I have to do what should I achieve in this life and also appreciated life and people around me. Even though people who really stood beside me is little, but I do rember he said to me that "Do what you want. Don't care about others. The thing you want to do is the thing you want to do since you were born in this world and remember it wasn't easy..." If he still alive, I just want to say thanks for his words.....

Anyway...Al-fatihah to allayarham Rasfan Abu Kassim. May Allah bless your soul and your father too....

I do respected you from the bottom of my heart.... Goodbye and we shall met again when my last breath disappeared in this world.....

When your friend said it to you...


Just back from UM (Universiti Malaya) from doing survey about environmental graphic that my lecturer asked us to do. Basically, UM's environmental graphic was ......yes it's sucks..... o(-__-")o After we're done with our task, eating, we're about to go home (me and my friend, Su).

At the bus, my friend said to me "I think you'll be a successful person one day..."

Honestly, I don't know about it, I don't know about my future because I'm still searching. what I know is to move forward so that I could become a successful person, but with Allah's permission....

Ko saper??!


Soalan 1:
Pernah tak dulu korang ni bukan sesaper and one day korang dah berjaya, tetibe ader malaun maner tah datang kat korang dengan muka tersengih?

Soalan 2:
Pernah dlu korang dlu kna caci dan dihina dgn menatang manusia, and once bila korang dah berjaya, dia menyorok di sebalik semak, jahit mulut dan terdiam?

Soalan 3:
Pernah tak dlu manusia yang macam bukan orang ni sebenarnya musuh kau kemudian tetiber je dia nak berbaik dengan ko?

Soalan 4: Pernah tak korang tanya diaorang macam ni..."KO SAPER???!!"


at Sec.2 Shah alam



Same areas, different stories

The burning scenes at Kolej Jati

Blue sky view at Faculty Art and Design

Not really sunrise at Sec.2


Just testing my 600D actually. Playing with white balance and etc.

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck in action, shoot with my 1st n new camera EOS 600D. Really enjoy using it, honestly :)

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck in action, shoot with my 1st n new camera EOS 600D. Really enjoy using it, honestly :)

Bird Squirrel and dragonfly

They were so kind to me and gave me some good poses. I wish I could take them 2 home rite now, but I can't....

First try

First try, using tamron 300mm lens without IS. The result is, need to prepare and plan; honestly.... But, I do enjoy snapped it.

Gambar peram

Some image I snapped during Maghrib, still even not shooting the image, I was drawn with the scenery there.

Some Illustrations~~~~

Illustration at my village, haah, yups still using mouse, pc mouse okay? I don't know how to use tablet, because that's feel like a shit when i used it.

Software Lightroom 3

Assalammualaikum, kepada semua Bloders. Oh, hari ni post dalam bahasa melayu eks? malas nak tulis dalam bahasa inggeris. Aq terperasan plak, aku dok kalut wat tutorial Lightroom kat sini, aq tak bagi link nak download plak kat korang. Oh, jangan bimbang, installer ni ni aq dapat secara pirates bukan original tapi xde masalah if pc@ laptop connect dgn internet. So silalah mendownload, aq bagi no siri lagi 2.

Klik sini> DOWNLOAD

When u lost something.....

Hello to my fellow BloDers, (Bloggers+Readers). How's ur stomach? Did you guys refill it with food? If that so, that's good since I'm also got some food (chicken rice, cempedak, corny juice....). Forget about the food, I'm sure you guys have eat for sure. But guys, I'm sure you eat happily since I'm eating with a rage alone in my not really rent house. Oh yeah, alone....

So what's about the rage. Okay I know you want to listen an epic fairy tale, no. Not that Fairy Tail Anime. Anyway just listen to it.

There's a girl who was about to go back to her home town but the funny thing is, her ticket is missing. Yeah, that's rite; MISSING. Without me touch it at all. So, she couldn't go home and ended up eating alone in her not really rent house.Shocked? yes Of course, I'm more than shock. I was mad, I even being scolded by my aunt about it. My brother was a bit shocked, my sister sounded made fun of me. And Without people know, I ended up crying alone....

It's not that I don't do anything but I couldn't do anything about it. But, when to think about it, I guess that must be a reason why Allah pinned my luck. there must be something.... So instead crying and blaming everything, I rather walk forward and see what HE wants to set up for me. After all I believe that....

Even so, that's my expression when my ticket lost... A picture that I snapped myself...Of course, as usual.

Apo kone Eh-jang...?

Red and Oil

Red and oil. Still life Photography. What red? Ehem buah delima~ Masam, haraga pon mahal..... Kna tipu idup2, terbaik. Minyak masak cap murah huhuhu.


Nelayan di Longkang Titiwangsa. Fail skit ngan compo tapi kaler bab kata Shahrir Saadun dah okeh, katanya menarik. Huhuhuhu Nak kena tunggu nelayan ni datang lagi la jawabnya.....:))

Street Cat

Street cats. Found at Sungai Buloh when I'm on the way to my aunt's house.

design magazine

Well magazine design for the call. confirm use this as the cover.

The thing that I hate the most

Hella friends, wassup? Happy Ramadhan n glad to know you guys fasting especially all the Muslims. Okay, let's straight to the point; have you ever experienced when you said something, your friend or someone feel like you cursed.

There's a time when I wrote in my wall, I said tired or dizzy or something else, she likes "dun say that words, bla, bla, bla..." But if she said it, I didn't say anything and if I say, I feel like she said, I know la, just want 2 know if you remember. And seriously I said, that's a bu*ls***.

Here I want to say is, is that wrong for me or somebody to express what we feel? As long we didn't curse or say something silly. It's wrong when someone can say anything he or she wants but you can't. That's wrong guys, really wrong.

Yeah, something like this will happen one day if we're losing our patience.

Panoramic of Klang -RE-eDIT

Reedit the image, panoramic of Klang. I think it's better than the previous one.


baiklah ini adalah isu STARBUCKS stlh seorg hamba Allah dah call JAKIM.

S : Apa status HALAL restaurant STARBUCKS? dekat FB ada orang claim STARBUCKS haram dan siap bagi nombor JAKIM untuk info lanjut.
J : Kami TIDAK pernah keluarkan apa-apa kenyataan pasal ni cik. STARBUCKS memang HALAL diorang ada sijil HALAL dari JAKIM.

p/s:sebarkan, jangan kita terlibat sama dengan FITNAH. TQ.<----sumber dari seorang hamba Allah....


Tomorrow is 1 ramadhan. So i want to say happy ramadhan n happy fasting to all muslim people in the world and of course me also will start fasting tomorrow.. :)

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