Business Card Design

Business card designs. All of them are same person who ordered it; but use in different business and different companies.



Great designs ….. nice and refreshing concept in almost all the business cards.. Website Template

My name is Meh~

thanks for the comment, i'm glad u like it


nice design and fresh concepts...I would like to keep it in mind and will use for Metal business cards.

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My name is Ain Aznan and I am a freelance photo graphic designer based in Malaysia.

I have been dedicating my time to helping companies and individuals redesign and improve their corporate and portfolio design; making them simpler, clearer, more efficient and professional.

Please browse through my projects here to get a feel of my style and approach in web design.

If I am the right designer for you, please leave comment at my blog comment and I'll reply you about your needs. I enjoy meeting new clients and would love to **collaborate with you.

Good day.