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Jugbakar Sunrise photo Series

The series of sunrise that I shoot at Pantai Sri Tujuh, Jugbakar Village, Tumpat Kelantan.

Being shortlisted

As usual, I will open my e-mail, and then I'm almost delete my email. But after look at the title, I read it and it said:

"Hi Nurul Ain Aznan,

Congratulations! Your photo entry has been shortlisted from the “National Geographic Young Photographer Awards” for the Public Voting starting from 29th March – 25th April 2012 on . The participants* whose entry have received the highest number of vote will emerge as the Voter’s Choice winners and Voters^ who have voted for the Voter’s Choice winner will stand to win attractive prizes. Hence, do encourage your friends and family to view the shortlisted photographs and cast their vote by 25th April 2012. "

so, you can view my photo from this link, it's up to you guys to vote it, or not. I don't mind at all.

Panning effect

Actually it's not panning, I just edited it and adding panning effect. These were shoot at Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan, MALAYSIA. It's not I paid them to run. These were taken without they noticed it. Feel a bit pity for not shoot panning since it was a sudden action. Next time will shoot it again.

Girl Running - Canon 600D, F/11, iso-400, focus length 62mm, exposure 1/400
Happy running - Canon 600D, F/11, iso-400, focus length 62mm, exposure 1/400
Fall - Canon 600D, F/11, iso-400, focus length 62mm, exposure 1/400

See what? - Canon 600D, F/11, iso-400, focus length 62mm, exposure 1/400

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck in action, shoot with my 1st n new camera EOS 600D. Really enjoy using it, honestly :)


Please click any link you want to view the content.

Flora and Fauna

Allah's creatures

I call these unique especially when there's a group of fishs that can live in dirty water at Titiwangsa monorail, the firefly and lotus were shoot at Taman Tasik Cyberjaya.

When dusk knock earth door

These were taken at Jambatan Kota Klang, together with abg Kamarul and also my lecturer, Encik Sharkawi Che din, but still I need 2 learn more and more. My favourite photo is the 1st one, I'm quite satisfied with it.

Animal Photo shoot

Photos that I shoot at Kolej Seroja, UiTM Shah Alam. One of them is being submitted to Canon Mothly Contest.

Photo again

At Putrajaya, during Mastering Metering and Exposure

Welcome to my page

Welcome to my blog. My blog was all about arts. So here, if you view and interested, you can order it and ask me to do it.

Last but not least, thank for viewing my page.

First of all, these my photos

FreeLance PhotoGraphic Designer

My name is Ain Aznan and I am a freelance photo graphic designer based in Malaysia.

I have been dedicating my time to helping companies and individuals redesign and improve their corporate and portfolio design; making them simpler, clearer, more efficient and professional.

Please browse through my projects here to get a feel of my style and approach in web design.

If I am the right designer for you, please leave comment at my blog comment and I'll reply you about your needs. I enjoy meeting new clients and would love to **collaborate with you.

Good day.