A friend which is not....

There's nothing and then suddenly, my friend removed me from her FB and didn't say anything. I feel like 'what i've done to you? did i do anything? but i didn't and i want 2 ask her who's the one that confront her when she was cried? I was wondering is because she's enter to university and that made her change a lot? I know some of people i know tends 2 do it but for her to change drastically, i didn't expect it all. never expect her. What have she do and through to make her change so drastically? We're being almost 3 years; suddenly it's like what???? Fine, live like u want, that's ur choice, i just want u u 2 know that u're just hurting urself....

The eulogy that I never expect
is there really no trust for them?
It's too much being dyed by black
Don't you feel agony deep inside?

hatred always increasing rapidly
torment always following you
If it's too much pain,
why there's no word of "I need you?"

there's a time to break
there's no need to hide these tears
we just have a little strength 
So, hold my hand and I shall lend you
my strength, only for you.

Acting like a stranger, passing by..
Hey, i never wanted that cold side of yours
Maybe there's a stupid mistake between us
i won't say i'm the one to blame
So tell me now, what's that all about?

How many long you'll sleep in this elegy?
there's a limit of insanity
Just step out from that world
Just get out from there....
because i might waiting for you....

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