Hmmmm, hello to all readers, I hope you guys in a good mood. Well i do really hope so, since i'm not really in good mood, ehhhh why? Well, I'm stress with my brother.

Why me stress with him?

Since I planned to give some money to my sis in law coz i live with them. BUt, it turns not ikhlas (sincere) to give to them because my brother charges me as if im the customer. I was a bit shocked since I'm his sister and yet he charges a lot. The reason I'm not satisfied are:
1. My belonging almost damaged coz of his kids. The latest one they draw something on my tablet with marker (WTF appears in my heart)
2. His kids especially the little one is very rude.
3. No soul here and I don't like my brother personally because of his attitude; kept asking me about my salary as if i'm rich.

There's a lot of reason. So i planned to move next month. I'm sorry for this crappy post. BYeeee~~


YES, ONE OK ROCK's tickets. I bought it for me and my friends. The funny thing is since it's the most front view, this ticket unexpectedly cheaper than RUNNING MAN'S tickets. LOL. This is my fav song; LIAR. Probably you would love it, and yes the vocalist's english pronunciation is good and I can understand his english not ENGRISH LOL

Some latest Artworks

 Those are the artworks that I've made so far. Sorry for the late updates. Yes, I'm lazy;y updating my blog, but maybe after this I will since my blog looks nice now. Yes, I know customize template but there r some things I can't do here, but well it looks better than previous layout now
 Title : LIAR, Digital ARt
  Title :Innocent, Digital ARt
  Title : PRAY, Digital ARt
  Title : Miracle, Digital ARt

 Title : PRECIOUS, Digital ARt

Perhaps some of you could give some tips or your opinions here?

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