Accessories for camera... Need or not?

Assalammualaikum.... It's been a long time I didn't update this blog since it's my final year so I have to focus 100%. Well anyway,  last month my friend buy new Lee filter that compatible with Cokin Z Pro series. Then after that, he planned to sell to buy Rangefinder after just use for a few times. This is the photographer's problem nowadays ( I don't call him as photographer, seriously....), they buy the accessories then they just use it for a few times and sell it; and then they buy another item (whether it's necessary or not). Here, let me tell you guys what equipment that you should have along with your camera and also lens.

1. Speedlite -  In general, speedlite's function is it becomes the main light to help to highlight photos or subjects. It's also becomes as additional light to create dramatic effect and so on when you taking portrait photo. Speedlite also could create ambient light, fill light, hair light, rim light and so on. Using high ISO sometimes didn't help, so that's why people need speedlite. This is main accessories that all photographers should have, no matter they are wedding photographer, nature photographer or whatever type of photography that they do.

2. Filter - For photographer who loves to shoot nature especially landscape and so on, then this is the must accessories that you should have. Filter helps to make the picture looks more beautiful and also it helps to enhance the subject. And seriously you need to check what kind of filter that you really need to have or else I will say bye2 to your money. Here also a tips; even you buy a not so really good brand filter (for example; Tian Ya), as long you have one good brand filter (for example HOYA), if you combine it together and shoot a photo, you will get a ridiculous damn good photo. Believe me, I have tried it :)

3. Cable release/ Shutter release - Cable releases are a simple and cheap option when it comes to creating 
sharper images. Wireless cable releases can even be used to trigger away cameras allowing you to setup multiple angles and fire them from a single point. Cable releases are absolutely crucial for us in shooting HDR and long exposure imagery. Not bad for an accessory that you can buy on e-bay or Of course, do expect to pay more for higher end programmable cable releases. Obviously, you will want to use a cable release in conjunction with a tri-pod which can be cheap, or expensive for a nice durable tri-pod.

4. Tripod - You don't have this thing, then you're not qualified to become a serious photographer, dude.  A good, sturdy tripod is a must-have for low-light, night and landscape photography. Don’t buy cheap plastic tripods that can easily break – you do not want to put your expensive DSLR equipment on a crappy tripod. Always make sure that the tripod you are buying can handle at least twice more weight than your DSLR and lens. I have heard plenty of horror stories about expensive DSLR cameras falling off from crappy tripods! The best tripods are made by Gitzo, but they are expensive (starting from $400 and up). Manfrotto also manufactures very good tripods and you can buy tripod legs and a head separately, or buy a tripod system. Some of the cheapest tripods are by Sunpak (priced under $100) and you can find them even in such stores as Best Buy.

5. Lens cleaning kit - You should have this since camera and lens are easily become dirty and it also causing contrast reduction and blurry image and of course your photos would get dirty by the annoying fungus. Here I suggest you to have lenspen; more friendly user and also cheap.

So far that’s the equipment that I suggest you guys to have it. Remember, if you want to buy an accessories, you must check if you really need it or not. Well, if you get confused, you can ask some photographers and they will give the best answer. Hopefully this article could help you. Cheers!

Jugbakar Sunrise photo Series

The series of sunrise that I shoot at Pantai Sri Tujuh, Jugbakar Village, Tumpat Kelantan.

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