Art Process no.2 - Zemotion photo

Alright art process no.2. I took Zemotion's photo as my prey huhu. So, let's take a look.

Process 1: As usual, trace using Illustrator CS3 or Photoshop CS3. And then colour the base color which is basic colors

Process 2: Yes, I know th eyelashes was a bit hard to make by using mouse. So the tips is, download eyelashes brush at :)

Process 4: You need 2 change setting of your brush. Click brush, click right at smoothing and other dynamic option, the at click dynamic changed it 2 fade effect. Then, now coloured the eyebrow.

Process 5: My favourite is the lips. make the details, then erased the artlines.

Process 6: Coloured the hair black. All black.

Process 7: Then, add the hairlines. Detail the area that you want.

Process 8: Then, coloured some black to black blue, as the second hairlines.

Process 8: It should be like this. yes we almost finish.

Final Image:

As I can said: You need to practice more because colouring with mouse is 10 times harder than using tablet.



Wow, amazing photo. Brilliant work Jenny. I definitely agree that you need to be patient to capture the perfect photo. Learning the features of digital photography is also essential, which I did over at
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